Thursday, May 3, 2007

Export CRM form field names

I recently had to export all the CRM form field names for a particular entity for a data mapping exercise. I needed the actual display names instead of the attribute schema names. I had to do all this through the front-end application since I didn't have access to the database. This is what I did:
  1. Open Advanced Find and create a query (against the Contact entity in this case).
  2. Use the Edit Columns feature and add all available fields by going to "Add Columns" and choose the "Select All" checkbox which selects every field.
  3. Run the query and export the data to Excel.
  4. Open the Excel spreadsheet and copy the first row which contains all the column names (the CRM fields).
  5. On a new spreadsheet go to the Edit menu and choose "Paste Special". On the pop-up menu that appears check off the "Transpose" field. This will convert the columns to rows. Voila!

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