Friday, December 19, 2008

Script behind the Price List Field

I thought this was worth a post. This deals with MS-CRM 4.0.

At some point, the Price List field was removed from the Opportunity form. Once you put it back on, you can't actually select a price list. The fix deals with a script that has to be MANUALLY added back through the object XML file. (Thanks to

Maybe you ran into my problem? After importing the customization, when I try to access an Opportunity object I would get an error. I looked and looked, but couldn't figure it out. I must have edited that XML 12 times to be sure I had it right. Anyway, the simple solution was that you must have the Currency field on the form as well. You don't get any sort of error that points you to this and I don't believe there's anything in the script, but this resolved the issue. Currency is read only, so I don't see any other issues.

That said...more posts to come.